We’re professional organizers in Kansas City, and we’re here to turn your “before” into an “after.”


Whether you need to organize your pantry, your business, your schedule, or pretty much anything else in your life, we can help. Our trained, non-judgmental professionals bring years of experience to help you create an organized, thriving life.

Our Beginning

The average Americans wastes seventeen minutes a day looking for lost items.

When founder Amber Taggard read this statistic for the first time, she decided she wanted to use her Counseling Psychology background to help others reclaim their homes and spaces. Since 2011, Amber and The Organizer Chicks have helped hundreds of clients fight the clutter, find the calm, and take back their seventeen minutes each day.

Our Vision

Organized, thriving lives

We believe that an organized life is a thriving life. Our passion is to utilize the power of organization to help our clients find space in their lives for the people and the moments that matter most.

Our Mission

To create functional spaces, managed calendars, and intentional mindsets.

We exist to increase tangible productivity, emotional peace, and mental clarity by bringing order and simplicity to your physical and mental spaces.

Our Values

Empathy, Non-Judgmental Service, and Professionalism

We strive to make organization a positive, empowering experience for all of our clients.